Ninja addresses future with Twitch amid controversy: “We will see”

Josh Tyler
Ninja Twitch

Superstar streamer Ninja won’t commit to re-upping his streaming contract with Twitch amid the platform’s latest controversy.

Twitch’s recent decision to update their guidelines with regards to branded content was received about as poorly as could be imagined. Streamers across the platform from Asmongold to Ludwig to MoistCr1TiKaL and even MrBeast panned the decision.

As a result, the streaming platform quickly walked back their new guidelines, but even that hasn’t done enough to assuage many streamers, who feel that trust has been broken.

One of them, perhaps the biggest name on Twitch, just let it be known how these changes might affect his future on the platform.

Ninja updates fans on future with Twitch

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has had a rocky relationship with Twitch, briefly leaving the platform for the burgeoning Mixer before returning and now streaming on multiple platforms. During the recent controversy, Ninja made it clear that he too was not a fan of the new branding guidelines.

On Twitter, Ninja revealed that he will still be streaming on Twitch for the foreseeable future, as he has a contract with the platform that he signed before the new guidelines went into effect.

However, when he was asked whether he will be leaving Twitch once the contract ends, Ninja answered very cryptically “we will see.”

That does not appear to be a ringing endorsement from one of the platforms biggest names, especially considering that he is already flirting with streaming on their new competitor Kick.

It seems that Ninja is wary because of the potential restrictions on his multi-streaming agreement along with the new TOS that Twitch is implementing. But it shows that the impact of Twitch’s change to branding guidelines is being felt.

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