Ludwig criticizes Twitch for divisive policy changes without streamers’ input

Virginia Glaze
Ludwig in YouTube stream with Twitch logo in top left corner

Prominent YouTube streamer Ludwig has lashed out at Twitch’s apology after revealing upcoming restrictions to branded content that sparked backlash online.

On June 6, Twitch revealed upcoming changes to branded content and sponsored streams that are slated to kick in on July 1.

These new guidelines place massive restrictions on what kinds of advertisements are allowed on Twitch, outright disallowing “burned-in” video, audio, and display ads on its platform.

That’s not all; Twitch has also outlined a comprehensive list of content that isn’t allowed to be advertised, whatsoever, including adult-oriented products, medical devices, political content, and more.

While streamers can still advertise sponsored content in other ways, creators all across the net sounded off in outrage over these restrictions, with many threatening to leave Twitch over these potentially damaging changes.

Twitch later apologized for the “language” in their new guidelines and promised to update their wording in the near future — but not everyone is accepting this apology.

Ludwig slams Twitch’s apology for policy changes

Popular YouTube streamer Ludwig levied a critical eye toward Twitch following their apology, lashing out at the platform in a pointed tweet that has since gone viral.

“Twitch suffers from having no relationship built with their viewers/streamers,” Ludwig said of the situation. “I don’t know why the CEO doesn’t tell everyone when these big changes are happening.”

“It’s always a carefully crafted impersonal article. And based on all their recent actions, viewers have no choice but to interpret everything in the least charitable way.”

Ludwig’s partner in Moist Esports, MoistCr1tiKaL, slammed the company, calling them “out of touch” and geriatric” after their apology statement.

Ludwig’s latest comments follow a wave of backlash from other creators and even streaming organizations as rival platforms like Kick seek to step in as Twitch continues to face criticism for confusing bans, a 50/50 sub split, and other matters.

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