Dillon Danis hit with restraining order against Nina Agdal

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Nina Agdal’s temporary restraining order against Dillon Danis has been granted after her legal counsel brought up his reaction to her lawsuit in order to expedite the process.

Dillon Danis is in hot water with Nina Agdal’s lawyers following several tweets he made on September 6.

That day, model Nina Agdal — fiance to YouTube star Logan Paul, who is Danis’s upcoming boxing opponent — hit the mixed martial artist with a lawsuit, seeking $150k in damages and a restraining order against him.

Danis immediately shot back at Agdal, whom he’d been antagonizing on social media for weeks with posts about her sexual history and even sharing explicit photos of the model.

“Nina Adgal has filed a massive lawsuit against me,” he wrote in response to the situation. “She filed a restraining order against me and is seeking prison time, so the fight is in jeopardy if I’m in jail. This is actually wild, but I won’t stop f**k the system come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking.”

Now, Agdal’s lawyers are aiming to expedite her restraining order, as claimed by advertising & ecommerce lawyer lawyer Rob Freund, who represents creators and brands.

“Nina Agdal’s lawyers have alerted the judge to Dillon Danis’s tweets in response to the lawsuit she filed yesterday,” he wrote in a post on September 7. “They are using his tweet to request immediate entry of the restraining order.”

Freud attached a photo of a court document saying as such, which read: “Thus, it is evident the defendant has notice of the lawsuit and Ms. Agdal’s request for temporary restraints.”

“More significantly and concerning to Ms. Agdal is the Defendant’s contempt for the Justice System and indication he intends to move forward with his threatened conduct, explicitly stating that ‘[he] won’t stop’ and ‘f*ck the system, come get [him].'”

Nina Agdal’s restraining order against Dillon Danis granted by court

Later that same day, Freund confirmed that Agdal’s temporary restraining order against Danis had been granted by the court. The order prevents Danis and those “in active participation with him” from posting explicit photos of the model online.

“Ordered that pending the September 12, 2023 hearing and until further Order of the Court, Defendant and all persons in active concert or participation with him are enjoined from posting sexually explicit photographs of the plaintiff on the internet without her consent,” the order reads.

Danis has seemingly responded to this latest development, writing in a post on X: “The only way I would settle with Nina Agdal is if every dollar she receives from me goes to the victims of Cryptozoo.”

Nina Agdal’s cybersecurity firm reveals her social media accounts were hacked

That wasn’t the only big revelation to come out of this update. Fans also noticed another major point in her lawsuit, which has been spread all over social media at this point.

It was revealed that Agdal had hired a cybersecurity firm, which discovered that her Snapchat account had been hacked.

According to the documents, Agdal’s Snapchat account password had been changed twice in early 2022, with an IP address accessing her account from Phoenix, Arizona and New York, New York.

“Upon learning all this information, I knew that my account had been compromised because I was not responsible for any of those activities,” Agdal said in the suit. “…I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.”

This is just the latest installment of the ongoing saga between Dillon Danis and Paul / Agdal after it was learned that their October bout would have potentially been canceled, had he not deleted an explicit photo of Agdal that he’d posted on social media.

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