Ironmouse breaks down as CDawg raises $300k for charity helping her condition

Ironmouse watching CDawgVA's charity bike ride during her livestreamTwitch: Ironmouse

Vtubing star Ironmouse started to get choked up during her livestream as she thanked her fellow streamer CDawgVA for raising $300,000 for The Immune Deficiency Foundation.

With 1.3 million followers on Twitch, Ironmouse has established herself as one of the most successful Vtubers in the community.

Not to mention, she’s also gained a fiercely loyal fanbase throughout her career thanks to her incredible content and her dedication to keep streaming despite her illnesses. The Twitch star suffers from common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) as well as a lung condition.

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Understandably, when her friend and fellow streamer Connor ‘CDawgVA’ Colquhoun went on a charity bike ride to raise money for a foundation related to her condition, she became overwhelmed with emotion.

Ironmouse moved by CDawgVA’s charitable gesture

CDawg finally completed his 500-mile bike ride livestream around Japan on September 5, having raised $300k for The Immune Deficiency Foundation.

In the lead-up to its conclusion, Ironmouse expressed her gratitude and described how “really proud” she was of him as well as the people who supported his journey.

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“Honestly, it means the world to me that Connor’s doing this,” she explained. “When he told me that he was doing this I cried a lot […] because it was just a surprise that someone would go out of their way to do something so incredible, selfless, and so taxing on the body.”

As Ironmouse started to get choked up, she explained it was particularly moving given how Connor was raising money “for a cause that not a lot of people know about.”

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The Immune Deficiency Foundation was “special” for her as it was “there” in the early days of her diagnosis and when she was “really scared” because she “didn’t know what the f**k was going on.”

Connor and Ironmouse have had fans swooning over their wholesome friendship and Connor’s latest kind gesture has helped fuel the fire.

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