NIJISANJI star Selen Tatsuki is “ready for a break” after new outfit reveal

Andrew Amos
NIJISANJI VTuber Selen Tatsuki

It’s been a hectic few months for NIJISANJI star Selen Tatsuki. From her jam-packed schedule to hitting YouTube milestones, the sky dragon is tired. With one last thing in her schedule ⁠— OBSYDIA’s new outfit reveal ⁠— the dragon racer is “looking forward to [her] break” from streaming.

Selen Tatsuki has been flat out trying to give her beloved dragoons plenty of great content over the last few months. Having celebrated major milestones like reaching 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, it’s just been non-stop action for the sky dragon.

Now with the content slowly dying down following the group’s one-year anniversary in July 2022, she’s ready to take a break.

There’s just one thing left in her schedule, OBSYDIA’s new outfit reveal. It’s the NIJISANJI EN generation’s first model update since their debuts, and it came as a surprise for fans too. For Selen though, it was just the cherry on top of all her tasks before that much needed time off.

“Now you guys know why I’ve been tired almost every day,” she laughed on stream. “Since the start of August because literally right after the anniversary, we were told that it’s time to prep for outfit reveal and I was like ‘oh’.

“So I’ve been basically setting up the stream for the outfit reveal ⁠— I hope you guys like the stream. I’m just going to say that!”

Selen reportedly tried to knock back the outfit reveal to sometime in September so she could catch her breath between events and collaborations. However management forced her to do it no later than August 29 ⁠— so that’s exactly when she’s doing it.

“The reason why my outfit reveal is so late is because I told management that I literally cannot do it earlier. I was like ‘I need time,’” she continued. “The latest I could do was August 29. I needed more time between my projects because I was so ready to be like ‘nope, nothing.’”

However, once it’s done, the sky dragon will be taking a little break ⁠— her first major one since debuting ⁠— to reset the batteries. And in her words she’s “ready to f**king hibernate.

“I’m just so looking forward to my break. It’s so close! Just two more weeks, and then finally I’ll be free!”

As for what Selen will do during her break? She hasn’t yet shared that information, but maybe some Apex grinding off-stream could be on the cards. Even then she’s said she would go on break before but has constantly booked herself into numerous collabs.

Between now and then though there’s still an outfit reveal to do, and the one thing she hopes is her beloved dragoons at least find it “cool”.