NICKMERCS roasts Dr Disrespect’s “bot” gameplay on Gears 5

Daniel Cleary

Former professional Gears of War player, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff roasted fellow streamer Dr Disrespect after watching his gameplay from the release of Gears 5.

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Before he grew a massive following on Twitch thanks to first Call of Duty and then Fortnite, NICKMERCS was best known for his time as a professional Gears of War player.

Although it has been a while since he competed, Kolcheff could not help but comment on the Doc’s gameplay on the just released Gears 5.

The CoalitionThe latest addition to the Gears of War series was recently launched on September 6.[ad name=”article2″]

Dr Disrespect had decided to try his hand at some online King of the Hill and was instantly judged on his movement by the Fortnite star, who had tuned into his Twitch stream while queuing for a game.

The Doc was moving around and testing all of the controls when Nick had chosen to watch, and after seeing him miss an easy shot on an unsuspecting opponent, slated the Doc’s gameplay, calling him a “Bot.”

“He’s a fucking bot” NICKMERCS expressed, clearly disappointed by the Doc’s level of gameplay and even offered his fellow streamer some help, “Doc, baby, we got to teach you the way of Gears, Yikes!”

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NICKMERCS continued to reference the Doc’s struggles with some of the new games he tries out on stream, responding to one of his viewers’ comments, “there hasn’t been a game yet that the doc hasn’t uninstalled and installed back the same day, that’s true.”

Dr Disrespect’s progress on Gears 5 may have been hindered by some of the tech issues he encountered when first trying to play the latest Gears of War game, which saw him exploding on stream due to some unwanted notifications.

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Despite the Doc’s willingness to try many new games on his stream, he still refuses to play the re-release of the popular MMORPG, WoW Classic, even with fellow streamer Shroud inviting him to try it out.

However, with the recent release of Gears 5 and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta, Dr Disrespect will likely have his hands full for a while, trying to find his form on each of the popular shooter games.

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