Nessa Barrett hits back at “annoying” fans after showing off new boyfriend

Nessa Barrett tells fans to stop being annoying after new boyfriendYouTube: Call Her Daddy

TikTok star Nessa Barrett is hitting back at “annoying” criticism from her fanbase after revealing her new boyfriend in a series of Instagram posts after her breakup from Jaden Hossler.

Nessa Barrett is a bonafide internet celebrity, boasting over 19 million followers on TikTok on top of her budding career as a music artist.

Despite the recent buzz stemming from the release of her new album, ‘Young Forever,’ Nessa’s relationship status is still taking center stage for fans who are constantly on the lookout for a new guy in her life.

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Barrett most recently parted ways with fellow influencer-artist Jaden Hossler over the summer, and has been single since then (although rumors persisted she was dating Olivia Rodrigo’s ex-man, Zack Bia — which she firmly denied).

Now, though, it’s looking like Barrett is back in the dating game after she showed off a new guy on her Instagram profile — but it doesn’t look like fans are too impressed with her choice.

nessa barrett prom new boyfriendInstagram: nessabarrett

Many commenters seemed upset that Barrett was jumping back into a relationship so soon after her split from Hossler, while others took issue with the fact that her new guy seems to run in the same circles as her close friends.

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Nessa Barrett tells fans to “stop being annoying” after revealing new boyfriend

Nessa Barrett hit back at the backlash in a series of Tweets, asking her fans to “just chill” and “stop being annoying” in regards to the criticism of her apparent new relationship.

“So upsetting,” she wrote. “Hate that I get upset with y’all, but seriously, just chill. Stop being annoying, please.”

“I’m happy. I’m GOOD,” she continued. “But be for real.”

For now, it’s unclear exactly who the new guy is, but fans are theorizing it’s a person by the name of Harley Solomon, who has over 20,000 followers on his Instagram profile.

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This is far from the first time Nessa has had to put her fans in their place; in September, Nessa hit back at critics for their “f**king ridiculous” assumptions about her friendship with Mads Lewis after making a few ill-timed posts on social media.

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