NELKBoys’ SteveWillDoIt unbanned from Twitch following 6ix9ine stream


Shortly after featuring rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine on his Twitch stream, NELKBoys’ SteveWillDoIt caught a ban from the platform, and now that it’s up details on why he was suspended have started to come out.

The NELKBoys have been having one heck of a 2021, from their sold-out Happy Dad seltzer, to schmoozing with some of the biggest celebrities in the world at UFC 264, Kyle Forgeard and SteveWillDoIt seem to be everywhere.

But like YouTube did in 2020, Twitch seems to be tiring of SteveWillDoIt’s online antics, as the influencer caught a multi-day ban after having 6ix9ine on his stream on July 14.

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Why was NELKBoys’ SteveWillDoIt banned from Twitch?

SteveWillDoitYouTube: SteveWillDoIt
While not as popular as the NELK YouTube channel, Steve and Kyle’s Twitch channels still attract thousands of viewers.

Shortly after the stream with 6ix9ine wrapped up, Steve’s channel mysteriously disappeared from Twitch, a sure sign of a ban, but what wasn’t clear to everyone was why he had been suspended.

After three days, 10 hours, and then some, his channel was brought back, but some fans still wondered what had caused Twitch to drop the hammer in the first place.

Once the ban ended though, some fans who caught the stream said the action by Twitch was probably due to the liberal use of the n-word from 6ix9ine throughout the stream.

Are the NELKBoys turning to Twitch?

As we mentioned earlier, NELK makes hardly any money at all from their YouTube channel, despite having one of the biggest followings on the site. Them making a full transition to Twitch though probably isn’t likely, as the group doesn’t seem to rely on videos for income.

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Instead, they manage to pull in over $70 million a year from merch sales alone, and that’s not even counting their new Happy Dad Seltzer which dropped in early 20201. SteveWillDoIt and Nelk probably could have a lot of success on Twitch, but it’s safe to say they don’t exactly need to be on the site either.