NELK Boys reveal why they were denied entry into Russia

Connor Bennett

YouTube pranksters the NELK Boys have revealed why they were recently denied entry into Russia, and what they have set out to do next after their plans were shut down.

The Canadian creative collection, who upload daring videos with incredible levels of production, revealed that they would be heading to Russia following the conclusion of their ‘Spin the Globe Challenge.’

However, on August 9, they ran into trouble. Before being able to board their flight from Germany to Russia, the team was pulled aside and questioned about why they were traveling there. They had not updated fans following their release, but have now explained why they ran into some trouble.

Instagram: NELKBoysThe NELK Boys finally pulled off their long-awaited Spin the Globe YouTube challenge

In their newest upload – “Detained trying to enter Russia” – the group noted that during their detainment, they were held for around an hour before being told that their travels visas had been “revoked,” despite having an international lawyer helping them out.

In the immediate aftermath, the YouTuber’s added: “They pulled us aside and they knew so much shit about us – it’s hard to believe. It’s fucked to believe, but I guess we advertised that we were going to Russia a lot and I think like, someone alerted some level of government in Russia.”

Insatgram: NelkboysThe group are well known for their ‘full send’ motto where they go all-in on a video.

The YouTubers later revealed that the trip would not be a success as they had their visas for Russia revoked and would be altering their plans.

“It literally looks like we’re never getting into Russia,” they explained. “We got visas, everything was good, and then they got fucking reverted. So, unless we get invited by Putin himself, we’re never getting into Russia.”

Yet, they won’t be heading back to the United States or Canada anytime soon. Instead, the full NELK team will be taking on viewer suggestions for places to visit on a European road trip.

They added: We thought it would be sick to fucking just drive all across Europe. We rented these two big ass whips to fit all the boys and we’re thinking to just do what we used to do – get in the car and just fucking drive.”

Of course, this change will mean that fans will have to wait a little bit longer for some insane adventures, especially as they’re producing content on-the-go across Europe. 

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