PewDiePie teases special Minecraft reward when he hits 100 million subs

YouTube: PewDiePie / Mojang

During his August 12 episode of ‘Last Week I Asked You’, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg teased a special Minecraft reward once he hits his next subscriber milestone. 

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PewDiePie is quickly approaching 100 million subscribers, making him the highest subbed independent creator on the platform.

During the YouTuber’s latest episode of LWIAY – a show where he comments on user-submitted content from his Reddit community – he enticed his audience to subscribe by promising a 12-hour Minecraft live stream once he hits his next subscriber milestone.

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A 12-hour Minecraft livestream

Back in July, the Swede promised a 12-hour live stream if his video got more than two million likes in 24 hours, but unfortunately viewers were not able to do it in time. So his 12-hour stream challenge has become a bit of a meme with his fan-base.

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One of the submissions in the episode directly referenced it, with the popular Grand Theft Auto San Andreas meme. “12 hour Minecraft Livestream at 100 mil. Ah shit, here we go again,” it said, showing the GTA protagonist in front of a Google account creation window. 

PewDiePie then laughed: “are we at 99 yet? Come on gamers!?”

YouTube: PewDiePieThe YouTube star challenged his audience to subscribe for a 12-hour Minecraft live stream.
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Another submission pointed out the fact that after he hits 100 million, the next video was just going to be “another beautiful day in Minecraft.” The YouTube star laughed and said “No-one is gonna want anything else. Let’s be real here.”

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The Swede then stopped the show to repeat his request from earlier. “Come on gamers! 12 hour livestream at 100 million. Subscribe!” he said, clapping in between each word, emphasizing the challenge.

(Timestamp of 05:44 for mobile viewers.)

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Fans are desperate for the livestream

Fans desperately want the YouTube star to do the live stream, so the challenge from a month ago has inspired a ton of memes over on his ‘PewDiePieSubmissions’ subreddit, which has built momentum towards the stream possibly happening.

Reddit user ‘meme_lordxd420‘ posted a meme that references Thanos from the Avengers film. “12 hour Minecraft Livestream at 100 mil. A small price to pay for 1,500,000 9 year olds,” it read.

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Reddit: meme_lordxd420Memes like this have been gaining momentum over on Reddit, as fans desperately want the live stream[ad name=”article5″]

It’s tough to say if PewDiePie will actually do a 12-hour live stream of Minecraft – after-all when he was about to hit 50 million subs, he promised he would delete his whole channel. Which obviously didn’t happen. 

We’ll keep you updated once he hits 100 million…