NELK Boys reveal three-year plan of FULL SEND’s next big gamble

Alan Bernal
full send gym

The NELK Boys are unleashing their next major project soon with FULL SEND gyms that the crew says will be “everywhere” in the next three years.

After successfully growing the brand and channels, Kyle Forgeard and co. are looking for their next play that will let fans interact with the NELK name – and they think they’ve hit on the perfect solution.

On the latest episode of the FULL SEND Podcast, Forgeard revealed that the group has been in advanced talks to design and build the first of what could be many gyms in their style.

These won’t be standard fitness clubs; instead, they will take after the FULL SEND lifestyle that could let faithful gym rats vlog, train, and socialize in their natural habitat.

nelk full send fitness
The NELK collective are stepping up their gym game unlike ever before.

“I think the style of FULL SEND gym would be kind of like, [Self Made gyms], where it’s like you’re allowed to take off your shirt,” Stephen ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis said. “You can bring your dogs, if they’re trained… and you’ll be allowed to film in there.

“Some of the big chain gyms, you’re not allowed to film, you can’t take off your shirt. There’s a lot of rules. I feel our gym is going to be one of those badass gyms.”

Forgeard is working with 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov to design and raise the first FULL SEND gyms. They expect to have the first FULL SEND gym open up in Orange County, California in the next six months, Forgeard said.

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From there, the crew thinks they can expand to five or six gyms by 2022, with the hope that “FULL SEND gyms will be everywhere in three years.”

The NELK Boys have been expanding their reach from clothing to hard seltzers and are eyeing the next phase of their growth with physical places to FULL SEND every day.