NELK Boys clap back after getting roasted by “irrelevant” Jimmy Kimmel

NELK Boys posing with Donald TrumpTwitter: NELK Boys

American television host Jimmy Kimmel took a jab at YouTube group the NELK Boys after their Donald Trump interview was taken down, causing a response from the group.

Over the last few years, the NELK Boys – a collective of creators from Canada – have made waves on YouTube due to their wild and trend-setting videos of them traveling and pranking others, earning them over 7.2 million subscribers on the platform.

The group has attracted many big names such as Dana White, Mike Tyson, Jamie Foxx, Candace Owens, and more, with former U.S. President Donald Trump being their latest interview.

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However, the interview has since been removed from YouTube, with the platform citing that the episode violates their “misinformation policy” in regards to claims made about the 2020 presidential election.

Jimmy Kimmel goes after NELK

On March 14, Kimmel took a shot at the group when he went on to call them a “small group of YouTubers” while simultaneously mocking their interview with the former president.

“Mara lardo has been making the rounds he was on a podcast hosted by, this is really something, a small group of YouTubers known as the NELK boys,” Kimmel said in his Monday night monologue.

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He went on to repeatedly roast the group by adding, “It doesn’t matter who’s interviewing him…it can be George Stephanopoulos or three doofuses who brought a 12 pack of hard seltzer along with them, he’s gonna answer the same.”

The NELK Boys respond

In an Instagram post uploaded by Kyle Forgeard, NELK’s co-founder, the star went on to clap back at Kimmel, calling him “washed up” and “irrelevant.”


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A post shared by Kyle Forgeard (@kyle)

“This “small group of YouTubers” has way more viewers than you, buddy. Kimmel used to be way funnier but now is just washed up and irrelevant,” he said.

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Forgeard went on to expose Kimmel by claiming that the “only reason you [Kimmel] even get any views is cause Disney owns your show so youtube forces it onto everyone’s home pages.”

The post has now over 730,000 likes, with many allies of NELK backing them up in the comments.

“The “during a war” comment was the most out of pocket thing to say when referencing a f**king podcast interview,” fellow YouTuber Bradly Martin commented.

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“Kimmel has gotta go,” YouTube star Kyle Godfrey stated.
The host has since turned off all comments on Instagram after NELK fans flooded his page with backlash.

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