Jamie Foxx shocks NELK boys with awkward Mike Tyson stand-up joke fail

Jamie Foxx tells hilarious Mike Tyson story Nelk BoysYouTube: FULL SEND PODCAST / Instagram: Mike Tyson

Actor Jamie Foxx regaled the NELK Boys with a hilarious story of when he joked about Mike Tyson in a stand-up routine… while Iron Mike himself was in the audience.

The NELK Boys are a group of YouTubers who have taken the platform by storm with their over-the-top pranks and jaw-dropping meetups with fans — which have landed them in legal trouble in the past.

Alongside their hugely successful YouTube channel, the NELK Boys have also started their own podcast, which saw a surprise appearance from none other than Academy-award winning actor Jamie Foxx.

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During the February 25 podcast episode, Foxx regaled the YouTubers with his past and present exploits, including the time he made a joke about Mike Tyson back in ’89.

NELK Boys standing in front of cruise shipInstagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys are a hugely popular group of YouTubers known for their pranks and practical jokes.

Foxx claimed that he was in the middle of a stand-up comedy routine when he started to crack a joke about Tyson. To his surprise, no one was laughing.

The situation was quickly explained when someone from the crowd called out that Iron Mike himself was sitting in the audience.

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After some back and forth with the audience, Tyson’s own brother, Rodney, yelled: “Mike said do the joke — but that s**t better be funny.”

mike tyson nelk boysYouTube: FULL SEND PODCAST
Mike Tyson notably appeared on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND PODCAST in October 2021.

Luckily, Foxx ended up getting a “standing ovation” for his comedic chops and was even invited to hang out with the legendary boxer after the show.

Of course, the NELK Boys were extremely curious to hear what the joke was. For the first time ever, Foxx explained it:

“It was actually just a scenario,” he said. “I said I pulled into the Kentucky Fried Chicken through the drive-thru, and I didn’t say what I saw, but I said what I heard.

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“‘Hi, welcome to Kentucky Fried Chicken, may I take your order?'” Foxx continued in an imitation of Iron Mike’s unmistakable lisp. “It was basically saying that Mike was working at KFC.”

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Foxx’s appearance on the NELK Boys’ podcast comes as just another jewel in their crown amid the release of their ‘Full Send’ NFT and the shocking success of their ‘Happy Dad’ brand seltzer.

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