NBA #1 Rookie DeAndre Ayton Rage Broke his PS4 and Controller After Losing in 2K18

Raging out on video games is something that most people will experience at some point and can result in a thrown controller in extreme cases.

When you are 7’1” and over 250 pounds however, that rage-thrown controller is most likely going to break.

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DeAndre Ayton, the number one overall pick in June’s NBA Draft, had a raging meltdown after losing a match of NBA 2K18 to his teammate.

His friend was recording the aftermath and made sure to capture Ayton’s complaints while showing off the unlucky controller. (NSFW language)

Even while in a state of uncontrollable anger about 2K18, Ayton managed to express his love for NBA 2K16 and 17.

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The clip happened in October of 2017 when Ayton was playing at the University of Arizona, before he was officially drafted into the NBA.

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Although he was not an NBA player yet, the best basketball prospect in the world knew he would be in 2K one day and warned the developers about including him.

I hate 2K18 it’s $&%! Don’t ever put me in that &@#%$ game!

NCAA rules prevented DeAndre Ayton from being included in 2K18 anyway, though he will be heavily featured in next years version.

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The number one pick in the Draft will be a 79 overall rated player for the Phoenix Suns when 2K19 launches, with a significantly higher potential rating.

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Ayton will get to play as himself now, and it is not certain if that will help or hurt his new controller’s chances of surviving.