Nadeshot says there’s “no way” Dr Disrespect is clueless on Twitch ban

Nadeshot on Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban.Impaulsive (YouTube) / G FUEL

100 Thieves CEO, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, has explained why he believes there’s more to Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban than meets the eye.

Arguably the most controversial moment in Twitch history, Dr Disrespect’s permanent ban from Amazon’s streaming platform had a ripple effect throughout the whole entertainment industry.

The Doc’s final Twitch stream left plenty speculating the reason behind his ban, with some breaking down the footage frame-by-frame to get a better understanding of what led to The Two-Time’s nigh-on immediate axe.

Almost two months on from when Twitch dished out the ban, Nadeshot has opened up on why he believes there’s “no way” the Doc and his team don’t know the reason behind his ban.

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Dr Disrespect on YouTube.Dr Disrespect (YouTube)
The Doc’s ban amassed interest from people outside of the realm of gaming.

Speaking with Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on episode 208 of Impaulsive, Haag shed some light on the matter. “I just think there’s no way you sign a multi-million dollar deal with Twitch — on a multi-year term — and they ban you, and your legal counsel doesn’t know why… There’s no way that there’s just no communication.”

Nadeshot continued to imply that the issue at the heart of the ban must have legal implications, which is why all parties have remained tight-lipped to this day.

“In my mind, it has to have major legal implications, because you can’t just [renegotiate] on a deal like that. You have to be able to at least give some sort of explanation… So I think everyone is NDA’d right now.”

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Segment starts at 1:07:24 for mobile users.

Paul then prompted the 100 Thieves CEO in a bid to determine “what could be so catastrophic that also stays in the dark,” to which Nadeshot explained that he couldn’t speculate simply because he (among everyone else) has no idea.

Majlak and Haag subsequently ruled out that a breach of Twitch’s Terms of Service couldn’t be the sole reasoning behind Doc’s ban, simply based on the fact that he generated so much revenue on the platform.

After speculating on Twitch’s rationale, the trio then touched on the success of the Doc’s YouTube return stream, with his ‘teaser stream’ alone garnering the eyes of over 300,000 viewers.

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