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Nadeshot explains why Ninja & Shroud were right to move to Mixer

Published: 13/Apr/2020 13:23 Updated: 26/Apr/2020 18:31

by Jacob Hale


After Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek moved from Twitch to Mixer, the streaming world was rife with discussion over whether they had made the right choice – and now 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has had his say on the matter.

Ninja was the first major streamer to make the move, switching to Microsoft’s Twitch competitor, and opinions were flurried about left, right and center on whether or not this would work out for him.

Shroud soon followed and Mixer had officially taken two of Twitch’s biggest stars, and since then they’ve faced lower viewership figures and a smaller community – but Nadeshot doesn’t think that is all bad.

YouTube: 100 Thieves
The CouRage and Nadeshot show initiates discussion over some of the industries hottest topics.

In an episode of The CouRage and Nadeshot Show with guest Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo, Nadeshot posed a question to CouRage and Lupo, asking whether they think Ninja and Shroud made the right move.

They discussed decreased viewership, the lack of integration of things such as Valorant drops, which were only enabled for Twitch streamers, and Nadeshot’s time on, before Nade revealed that he actually thinks that despite everything, the Mixer streamers made the right decision.

“There’s nothing worse than when you’re on the other side of the fence when everybody is having so much fun, with 100,000 viewers and the same exposure you once had,” he said. “What I would say to [them] is: the money is worth it. The money they’re making now is generational wealth. They’re going to be able to take care of their kids, their kids’ kids, just for making this sacrifice.”

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He said that he understands their feelings due to his time on, saying that it can “feel like a prison,” but clearly believes they’ve made a great decision when it comes to being able to provide for their families for generations to come.

Similarly, CouRage explains that although he sometimes feels a bit left out since his move to YouTube, he is anticipating that he’ll one day be able to provide exclusive drops on there and see his viewership go soaring, essentially suggesting that he believes the platform will go bigger and better in the future.

Regardless of what you think about Ninja and Shroud’s moves to Mixer, there’s no doubt they each made a decent amount of cash from it, and Nade’s right when he says that they’re going to benefit for years to come.


Bryce Hall responds to backlash over leaked Brock Pierce endorsement DMs

Published: 25/Oct/2020 16:51 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 16:57

by Charlotte Colombo


With the US elections just around the corner, everyone – including famous TikTokers – is gearing up to cast a vote that will change the shape of the country’s future. However, Bryce Hall was on the receiving end of criticism after a leaked conversation seemed to confirm that he was voting for third party candidate, Brock Pierce.

It seems like wherever Bryce Hall goes, drama isn’t too far behind. Only this week, he has been warring with Sway House co-founder Thomas Petrou for reaching out in order to start “fake beef” as well as finding himself in a brawl with restaurant employees, with the LAPD later filing a felony battery report over it.

This time, fans were upset after leaked messages appeared to confirm that Hall was not only endorsing third candidate Brock Pierce, but was also planning on voting for him.

Quick to dispel these rumors alongside fan suspicion over his reason for visiting Wyoming, Hall posted a Tweet explaining that the only reason he was to use his influence for good: namely, by “encourag[ing] the youth to get involved in the political process”.

Referring to the leaked messages, where he seems to confirm he’s voting for Pierce, Hall claims that he was merely “making a joke with an acquaintance,” who then “decided to be an a**hole and share it”.

“The only person I endorse for president is Mamma Hall. Take that to the bank,” he quipped.

However, not all fans were satisfied with his response, with one Twitter user arguing that voting for a third candidate isn’t something to joke about.

The fan said: “The thing is this isn’t something to joke about though? As a black supporter, it’s frustrating because advocating for a third party is advocating for someone who wants to take away my basic human rights so no Bryce I’m not laughing.”

Other fans, however, showed support for Hall, with one Twitter user saying: “What I’m understanding here is that Bryce here isn’t allowed to support who he believes in, am I getting that right?”

Why did fans think Hall was endorsing Brock Pierce?

Fans initially became suspicious when Hall posed for a selfie outside Pierce’s presidential campaign van.

bryce brock pierce van
Instagram: officialjrod
Fans weren’t happy to see Hall posing outside a Brock Pierce van.

Soon after, entrepreneur Mahbod Moghadam leaked a conversation he has with Hall about Pierce where, after discussing Hall’s upcoming interview with the candidate for his podcast, he told Moghadam that Pierce “was an interesting guy” who “had my vote.”

brock pierce leaked convo bryce
Instagram: mahbodpedia/brockjpierce
Hall seems to confirm that he is voting for Brock Pierce.

Brock Pierce later shared the exchange on his Instagram story.

Many fans resulted with outrage at this apparent endorsement, with many of them accusing Hall of using his platform irresponsibly. One fan said: “Must be nice to have the privilege of not caring who to endorse in this election and influencing your followers to vote for a third party.”

Several other fans accused him of encouraging fans to “waste” their vote, with one Twitter user asking: “Does he even realize what this does?! I’m so disappointed.”

While Hall seems to have poured cold water over a possible Brock Pierce endorsement, it is clear that he has some way to go before he regains fans’ trust.