MrBeast’s brother reaches major YouTube milestone in just five days

Brent Koepp

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s older brother CJ ‘MrBro’ Donaldson has already reached over a million subscribers on his new channel, proving that talent runs in the family.

MrBeast had tempted his brother over the years to make YouTube his career, and on August 28 he finally caved in and officially launched his new channel ‘MrBro’ – it seems to have paid off already.

After a push from the YouTube superstar’s own videos, CJ’s platform has absolutely blown up in popularity, and has exceeded 1 million subscribers in just five days of being active, making him one of the fastest growing creators on the video site.

MrBro hit a million subs

On September 1, MrBro officially hit over a million subs on his YouTube channel, after only being active on the account for five days. This largely was helped by his younger brother MrBeast, who asked his fans to support him on his social media accounts.

The popular challenge creator has been tracking his brother’s subscriber account over the last three days on social media, and gave thanks to his followers on Twitter after his CJ hit the subscriber milestone. “It will probably start slowing down soon, thank you to everyone who subscribed! My brother is freaking out and it’s funny lol,” he tweeted.

Showing that family matters, MrBeast has taken the charge to help support his younger brother’s new career. On his August 31 video, the YouTube star gave CJ $100,000 to spend to help promote his new channel

At the end of the video, the YouTuber announced that the brothers of his three friends who are heavily featured in his videos would be supporting MrBro’s channel, making them two squads. “It’s literally my squad’s brothers, on his channel.”

MrBeast then asked his fans to support CJ: “From the bottom of our trios hearts’, we want you to go and subscribe to our brothers. And watch every single one of their videos. It is your sworn duty, when they upload, to click on it, and watch all the way through.”

(Timestamp of 11:15 for mobile viewers.)

While MrBro has gotten a big push from his younger brother who is a major YouTube star in his own right, the new content creator has shown that talent runs in the family, as his first three videos have been really popular with over 1.3 million views each.

While the direction that his channel will take remains to be seen, it seems that a big focus will be giving away money to people, as CJ has said that it feels great to do, and is something he wants to pursue.

As of the time of the article, MrBro’s channel has over 1.4 million subscribers, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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