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MrBeast kickstarts brother’s YouTube channel with $100k shopping spree

Published: 1/Sep/2019 0:07 Updated: 1/Sep/2019 0:12

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is touted as the site’s most generous creator, known for dropping serious cash on wait staff, small-time streamers, and students – but this time, he’s helping out his own flesh and blood.

To the surprise of many fans, MrBeast announced that he had a brother, who was starting his own YouTube channel to follow in his footsteps on August 25.

However, sending him subscribers wasn’t enough – instead, MrBeast decided to give him the gift of cash, dropping a whopping $100,000 on his little bro to start up his own YouTube channel and 24 hours to spend it all.


MrBeast and crew followed his brother (going by the name “MrBro”) around Best Buy, where he spent over $30k on production equipment, as well as a few gifts for his editors.

The group even went to a car dealership to spend more dough, where he dropped another $26k on a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Of course, the crew had to take a break from all that shopping with an expensive meal – and expensive meals require equally expensive tips, with MrBeast tipping $700 in dollar bills to their waitress.

As many know, it takes more than mere money to make a successful YouTube channel, with MrBeast admitting that he’d even given his little brother five employees, a warehouse, and office space, as well as creating his thumbnails and helping him think up content.


This understandably puts a lot of pressure on the up-and-coming YouTuber – which MrBeast made sure to point out.

MrBeast, YouTubeMrBeast reminded his little brother that he’d given him all the tools to succeed – now, it’s up to him to make a profit.

“I’m shouting you out and giving you a million subscribers,” he explained. “Literally, all you have to do is not suck, and you should be fine.”

MrBro has already released three videos on his channel, which boast over one million views in total, with his channel reaching over 600k subscribers at the time of writing – despite only being a month old.

It looks like MrBeast’s “secret” brother isn’t so secret anymore – and he’s building the Beast family empire one hilarious video at a time.