MrBeast updates fans on weight loss journey after 10 months of exercise & dieting

Jeremy Gan

MrBeast has updated fans on his weight loss journey from “obese to just lean” after 10 months of exercising and dieting. 

It’s no secret that MrBeast regularly pushes his body to the limits for the sake of a good video, from burying himself alive for 50 hours to attempting to fast for 30 days, of which he lasted two full weeks. 

However, despite pushing his body for content purposes, it seems he is now attempting to keep a relatively healthy lifestyle off-camera too. 

In a tweet updating his fans on his weight loss journey, it seems he has been at it for quite a while, but jokingly laments how long and how much dedication it takes to actually get fit. 

“I’ve been lifting religiously for 10 months (with a trainer, 12k steps a day, good sleep, good diet) and I’ve gone from obese to just lean,” MrBeast wrote in his June 11 update tweet. 

He further compliments the more dedicated individuals who keep up a jacked physique, given how much sustained effort is required. “I have a newfound respect for jacked people, this takes forever.”

MrBeast promised that he will eventually share pictures of his progress, but only after he feels he has made enough progress in his weight loss journey.

“Was [at] 40% body fat and now I’m sub 20% body fat, he said of his body fat percentage. “Give me six more months and I should be able to share some sick before and after pics.” 

It seems MrBeast is looking to build quite the physique in his weight loss journey, so it seems fans will be marking their calendars for the day MrBeast shows us the fruits of his labor. As for whether we can expect a fully ripped giga-chad Beast in the near future, we’ll just have to wait and see how heavy he goes with the weights moving forward.

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