MrBeast under fire from internet once again for tipping waitress a free car

Liam Ho
screenshot of mrbeast tipping waitress new car

YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast has caught heat from the internet yet again, this time due to him tipping a waitress an entire car.

MrBeast is arguably one of the most controversial yet popular figures on the internet. Using the wealth gained from his YouTube empire, his philanthropic efforts have seen him rebuild houses, give away meals and save orphanages. All of which he has showcased on his secondary channel BeastPhilanthropy.

As such, some users on the internet have taken a disliking to the YouTuber, with his most recent effort causing quite a stir amongst certain individuals. MrBeast recently released a TikTok video in which he tips a waitress an entire car as thanks for his meal. The waitress was incredibly grateful for the act, and broke down in tears, explaining how she was late for work that day due to a late Uber.

Unfortunately for MrBeast, the waitress actually reveals that she isn’t quite able to drive yet, but was still in complete shock by the gift she was given.

MrBeast catches heat from internet after tipping waitress a car

However, the internet wasn’t too happy with this act of kindness and once again began to find ways to point out the negative in the situation. Some commenters were quick to mention that the car would count as part of her income, forcing her to pay a higher tax bracket. Other individuals remarked about how the donation of a car reminded them of “the car-centric dystopia we live in”.

Another user lightly commented that whilst the act of tipping a car was nice itself, the car being branded in MrBeast’s Feastable chocolate branding wasn’t a great thing. This sentiment was shared by a fair few individuals, all agreeing that the decal of the car was the only bad thing about it.

Whilst there were some Internet users who weren’t too pleased with MrBeast’s most recent act of philanthropy, many came to his defense and even praised him for doing so.

Even though MrBeast caught a bit of flack for tipping this waitress a car, it’s unlikely that’ll stop him from performing another huge deed for the public anytime soon.