MrBeast slams “literal trash” YouTube comments for using his logo

Dylan Horetski

YouTube philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson slammed “literal trash” YouTube comments after Jacksepticeye shared the vile comments left on his videos. 

When you take a look at the top YouTube creators, you’ll see names like PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and MrBeast.

Even with millions of subscribers between the four YouTubers, they still often fall victim to vile “troll” comments on their videos that often reach millions of views.

Jacksepticeye shared a screenshot of his “vile” comments on Twitter, prompting MrBeast to slam the ongoing issue with users on the platform.

MrBeast slams YouTube comments

On May 9, Jacksepticeye shared a screenshot of his YouTube comments on Twitter. In the image, it showed someone with MrBeast’s logo as their profile picture spamming the comment, “Jack’s dad is gone and I am laughing cause I upload bangers,” among other vile remarks.

“How this stuff makes it passed Youtube’s filters, I’ll never know,” Jack said of the situation. “There are methods of preventing this but they just don’t want to do it. The top ones are especially vile.”

This prompted MrBeast to respond in disgust, noting that the hateful comments were using his logo as their image.

“I hate that my logo is used in this,” he wrote. “I dream of the day that the YouTube comment section isn’t just literal trash.”

Jacksepticeye replied, saying it’s not MrBeast’s fault and that “maybe one-day comments will be worth reading again.”

The original tweet has gained substantial traction, garnering almost 40k likes in just under two hours. Other creators, like OTK’s JSchlatt, also gave their opinion on the situation.

“I’ve stopped looking at my comments altogether. It’s actually insane how bad it continues to get. For years, they’ve done absolutely nothing,” he replied.

At the time of writing, YouTube has not made a comment on the ongoing issue. We’ll update this article if they do.

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