First Avatar: The Way of Water trailer reveals possible plot points

First Avatar: The Way of Water trailer reveals possible plot points20th Century Studios

Avatar’s long-awaited sequel has finally scored a teaser trailer, well over a decade after the initial film’s release. Plot details in this very first sneak peek are scarce… unless you know where to look.

Fans are eager to return to the groundbreaking world of Pandora.

James Cameron’s Avatar still holds the number-one spot for the highest-grossing film of all time, nearly thirteen years after its explosive box office debut in 2009.

Now, fans have finally gotten a peek at what’s to come for Jake Sully, Neytiri, and the Na’Vi people in their upcoming aquatic adventure.

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Avatar Way of Water Trailer 120th Century Studios
Avatar: The Way of Water gives glimpses at the rich world of Pandora we have yet to see.

Avatar: The Way of Water trailer reveals Jake Sully’s new family

At first, fans could only get a glimpse of this highly-anticipated trailer at theatrical showings of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Now, it’s been released online — and it’s leaving some fans confused, if still bursting with excitement.

The one minute and thirty-second-long trailer shows sweeping shots of Pandora’s entirely flora and fauna, spanning from the well-known ‘Hallelujah Mountains’ of the first film to shores and oceans that we haven’t seen before.

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Not much is said in this trailer, suggesting that Cameron and co. want to keep the plot details under wraps until the time is right. Cameron has said in previous interviews that the forthcoming Avatar sequels will focus on Jake Sully and his family throughout the years to tell a multi-generational story.

Avatar Way of Water Trailer 220th Century Studios
James Cameron has said the Avatar sequels will follow Jake Sully, Neytiri, and their family throughout the generations.

We’re getting our first look into this family affair in The Way of Water trailer, where we see two children who appear to be important characters in the upcoming flick — one, seemingly an Avatar/Na’Vi hybrid with distinct facial features, and another a human boy.

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Thus far, it’s unclear exactly what happened to Neytiri’s people after their displacement at the hands of Colonel Quaritch and the humans — but we can hazard a guess that the clan moved down to the oceans, where they’re now linking up with flying dolphins and the like. (I really want one of those.)

Avatar Way of Water Flying Dolphin20th Century Studios
These flying dolphins look sick – but we aren’t sure they’re on par with Toruk Maktao.

It’s hard to tell for now, but it’s possible the humans will make their return to Pandora (possibly in search of the ever-elusive ‘Unobtanium’ mineral they so desired in the first movie).

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These are all just theories, of course… but it’s hard to miss the signs, as it seems that human activity has resumed when Jake is apparently given a tour of a military base in a few shots.

For now, we still don’t know a lot. But we’re definitely ready for more, whenever the time comes.

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