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MrBeast roasts fan for getting his logo tattooed on his leg

Published: 10/Nov/2018 22:23

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s king of big-budget productions and social experiments, MrBeast, has a fairly dedicated fanbase – one of which paid to have the YouTuber’s logo tattooed on his leg.

Twitter user ‘Lefty’ tagged MrBeast in a Tweet on November 9, where he explained that he got the tattoo in honor of the YouTuber’s recent 10 million subscriber milestone. Attached to the post was a picture of the tattoo in question, placed on Lefty’s left thigh.

“Bruh for MrBeast hitting 10 million, I got a tattoo of his logo,” Lefty wrote. “It’s pretty crazy, but yo, you a real one.”

MrBeast saw the post and retweeted it, captioning it with a cheeky statement that compared the fan to one of Logan Paul’s infamous ‘Mavericks.’


“Good job, way to be a Maverick and pave your own path,” MrBeast wrote.

He wasn’t finished there; he Tweeted the picture again, insinuating that might even change his logo after the fan’s odd show of solidarity.

“This guy just got my logo tattooed on himself,” he continued. “It would be hilarious if I changed my logo tomorrow.”

Another fan responded to the post, saying that they preferred MrBeast’s old logo, a blue and white striped tiger.

“I like cheesecake, but you don’t see me talking about it,” MrBeast responded.

Lefty himself mentioned the tattoo in a recent video, where he appeared to take MrBeast’s trolling in good humor.


“Now everyone on Twitter has seen my hairy, white legs,” he joked.

MrBeast recently made waves for creating a city-wide ad campaign to promote PewDiePie, which helped the YouTuber surge past competitor channel T-Series.