MrBeast hypes next video as his “best ever” and one that will forever “change YouTube”

Eleni Thomas
MrBeast videoscreengrab

YouTuber and content creator MrBeast has hinted at his upcoming video being the “best” he has created, also claiming that the new content will “change YouTube” for good.

MrBeast is one of the most successful content creators of recent years. In large part due to how committed he is when it comes to bringing his often over-the-top ideas to live, investing in his videos, and evolving with the times.

Now, MrBeast has hinted at a brand new style of video, one that he claims will “change YouTube forever.” In a series of tweets, the content creator shined a light on just how much time and effort has gone into his latest project.

“Almost 4,000 hours of editing has gone into my next video,” he claimed. “Brand new style, can’t wait for all of you to see it Saturday…We also spent months setting it up, weeks filming, and millions of dollars on it. I went all out tbh.”

When one user commented that they hope the new style will mirror MrBeast’s philanthropy videos, the content creator replied. Stating, “It is, this is gonna change YouTube. Best video ever.”

This isn’t the first time he has hyped up the mysterious new video. MrBeast has been hinting at a game-changing project for the past few weeks.

Earlier on Twitter, he wrote “By the way, I appreciate all of you and I promise to make good use of all this attention I’m getting,” he continued. “Haven’t uploaded in a bit because I’ve been working on my biggest project yet. [My] next video will blow your minds.”

Time will tell what this new video entails and if it will live up to the expectations that MrBeast himself has placed on it. One thing is for sure though, expect Dexerto to be covering the content as soon as it drops.

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