MrBeast literally gets buried alive for two days

MrBeast does the buried alive challengeYouTube: MrBeast

Popular YouTuber MrBeast has taken his latest video to the next level by staying in a box underground for 50 hours straight.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson makes some of YouTube’s craziest videos, both in terms of budget, and concept. He’s been making videos on the platform since 2012, and in the years since he’s managed to rack up over 56 million subscribers on his main channel alone.

A lot of the star’s content focuses on giving money to friends, fans, and strangers, by getting them to participate in bizarre challenges. He even convinced a restaurant worker to quit her job on the spot in exchange for $100,000.

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But Jimmy also isn’t afraid to set up large-scale challenges for himself in order to entertain viewers – and his latest one was certainly a huge feat.

MrBeast sits next to cashMrBeast, Instagram
Mr Beast is a huge name on YouTube, thanks to his generous social experiments that drop huge amounts of cash on unwitting bystanders.

He decided to stay in a glass coffin buried underground for 50 hours straight, and he didn’t do it by halves.

In the coffin with him were just some blankets and a pillow, supplies, and of course, cameras. After they lowered the lid down, the team used a digger to pile huge amounts of dirt on top of the YouTube star, until he was well and truly buried alive.

They of course set up an air ventilation system so that Jimmy would be safe inside the coffin, and he even showed “pee bottles” to prove he was actually doing the challenge for real.

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It was a long 50 hours for the YouTuber, who was connected to the outside world only by a walkie-talkie, and his friends caused plenty of mischief on the surface to make the challenge that extra bit harder for MrBeast.

When it came to finally releasing the star from his coffin at the end of the 50 hours, Jimmy looked so relieved that he actually started to tear up.

The two-day challenge was certainly an impressive feat, and viewers couldn’t believe that he’d actually gone through with the idea.