MrBeast promises to fix Feastables UK issues as it keeps selling out

Connor Bennett
MrBeast Feastables Competition

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has addressed the situation around Feastables launching in the UK as his chocolate is already flying off the shelves. Here’s what you need to know. 

Like plenty of other content creators, MrBeast has expanded his online success into the business world too. Though, whereas KSI and Logan Paul have cornered the drinks market, he’s gone down the food and confectionery route. 

Despite a few early issues with Beast Burger in the United States, his ghost restaurant business, ultimately expanded to thousands of locations across the globe. Though, the YouTube star recently shifted his focus to Feastables.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Feastables is his chocolate brand that has already seen massive success in the US. He’s got plans to launch it worldwide and it’s already taken off in the UK. Though, there have been some supply issues. 

MrBeast addresses UK stock issues with Feastables chocolate

The chocolate bars started to appear in stores across the UK in early July, however, just like the success of Prime, it didn’t take long before it started to sell out en mass. 

Even MrBeast was caught out by the initial success. “Feastables launched in the UK 10 days ago but everyday before I can tweet about it the stores sell out. Trying to get more over!!!  Y’all are crazy,” he tweeted back on July 18

He circled back to it on July 23 with a further promise to address the supply issues. “Ngl the UK goes harder than I thought, I’m having someone drive to stores and send pics and most look like this lol,” he added, with a photo of a sold out display. “I promise we’ll fix this asap!”

Where to get Feastables in the UK

Once Feastables gets back into stock, you are able to find the chocolate products in Asda stores, Spars attached to petrol garages, on Amazon, and on the Feastables UK-specifc site as well. 

Just like with Prime, these will be the only stores where you can find them for a while until it proves such a success that other retailers request to stock them as well.

If things change on this front, we’ll be sure to update this list and let you know, hopefully, when stores have the bars back in stock again!

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