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MrBeast destroys ‘poker brat’ Phil Hellmuth without even realizing

Published: 3/May/2022 5:00 Updated: 3/May/2022 4:51

by Dave Deiley


Ludwig’s poker game featuring MrBeast, Ninja, Alexandra Botez, and plenty others, left more than a few people yelling at their screens as streamers faced off against poker pros.

Poker’s night of nights, a co-hosted affair between Ludwig and Hustler Casino, a long-standing poker livestreaming page, was an exciting affair. Featuring a jam-packed roster the night to0k viewers on an emotional roller coaster through the heights and troughs of the high stakes game.

In an educational night for everyone, proving that even professionals can’t fully control the flow of any gambling game, professional player and self-described ‘poker brat’ Phil Helmuth was left battered and bruised by the streamers.


Ending down just shy of $100,000, the ‘man baby‘ was left alone by lady luck in a series of hands. Of particular note, losing to Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson who hadn’t even realized he’d won.

In the shocking hand, embedded for your entertainment, you can see MrBeast throwing his cards down, thinking he’d lost on a $34,800 pot before the table erupts in yells.

“So, split pot?” MrBeast asks, indicating he’d offer a draw for the cards he has before continuing “nah, just joking. I’ve got nothing.”

Throwing down an Ace and a 10 of hearts on a table filled with hearts the table instantly corrects YouTube’s king of philanthropy. “You have a flush dude.”


A flush, meaning five cards of the same suit, stands as the fifth strongest hand in poker. It beats ‘man baby’ Phil Hellmuth’s two pairs. Something that even Jimmy seemed unaware of, stating: “I literally was like, oh, he has two queens and two jacks, I’m dead.”

Clarifying his ignorance of the situation Donaldson said “you could’ve just [taken] the money, I never would’ve noticed.” Unintentionally rubbing in his win.

Comments on Twitter were split around the move, comparing MrBeast’s unknowing brilliance to “pros playing ranked against average but decent players.” When players don’t know what they’re doing, the braindead plays throw them off so bad they can actually win.”