MrBeast reveals insane amount of money he lost in Feastables giveaway

MrBeast reveals how much money feastables lostYouTube: MrBeast/Feastables

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has revealed the insane amount of money his line of Feastables chocolate bars lost during a 10-minute long giveaway the creator held over on Twitter. 

MrBeast, one of YouTube’s most popular creators, has his hands in just about every category you can imagine, from philanthropy to insane YouTube videos to his own ghost kitchen.

He announced his own chocolate company, Feastables, on January 30, 2022, with a Willy Wonka style golden ticket prize system. Just a few weeks later, the creator ran a 10-minute long giveaway on Twitter that crashed the entire website.

Now, Donaldson has revealed the amount of money the company lost during the giveaway — and it’s not a small number.

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mrbeast feastables sweepstakesFeastables by MrBeast
MrBeast Feastables sweepstakes boasts over $1,000,000 in prizes.

MrBeast reveals how much Feastables lost

MrBeast ran the giveaway via Twitter on April 15, announcing a 10-minute window where fans could use the promo code ‘free’ on their order to receive chocolate at no cost.

The giveaway instantly crashed the website, and the company had to send an advisory to those who ordered. In the email, they revealed that due to MrBeast’s tweet they gave away over one million bars of chocolate and may have to adjust larger orders — assuring everyone that they will receive a package.

Now, Donaldson has revealed that the company lost $1.3 million in that 10-minute span. He said: “We assessed the damage after shipping out the chocolate and we gave $1,300,000 of chocolate away for free lol.

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“I guess 10 minutes is longer than I thought.”

The giveaway left many curious about what MrBeast had planned for his company. On April 21, chocolate-loving fans noticed that the Feastables website began teasing ‘Season 2’ of the company and that all of the mystery prizes available had been found.

No information is available outside of the website banner but being that the YouTuber has teased a viral video “bigger” than Squid Game — fans are eager to find out more.