CouRage hits out at Phil Hellmuth for ‘grown man baby’ behavior at Ludwig’s $1m poker event

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Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has slammed pro poker player Phil Hellmuth for his behavior during Ludwig’s all-star poker livestream. Although fans have argued that it is part of Hellmuth’s brand, it wasn’t a good enough excuse for CouRage. 

Ludwig fans have been glued to the YouTuber’s $1 million poker tournament livestream. Some of the famous guests who have come along for the game have included Ninja, xQc, and Alexandra Botez.

However, there was one star who had Twitter divided.

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Pro poker play Hellmuth, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, is famed for his “Poker Brat” persona. Although, it proved too much for YouTuber CouRage who criticized Hellmuth on Twitter, claiming he was dulling down an “overall great night.”

Ludwig poker tournamentYouTube: Ludwig
Pro poker player Phil Hellmuth joined several streamers for Ludwig’s $1 million livestream

CouRage slams Phil Hellmuth’s behavior

In a series of tweets posted during Ludwig’s livestream on May 2, CouRage called out Hellmuth for his behavior towards his fellow players and the dealer during the game.

“Man, Phil Hellmuth. As a fan of poker, I was so excited to watch you help grow the game to a new audience,” CouRage said. “Instead, I watched a grown man baby blame everyone but himself for getting rolled by streamers who were having fun.”

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Hellmuth’s fans quickly fired back by claiming that the poker star was just playing into his brand. Throughout his career, the 57-year-old has become synonymous with insulting or berating his fellow players, all in the name of entertainment.

Yet, this wasn’t valid for CouRage who agreed that Hellmuth is “one of the faces of poker,” but he was “not the face of this table.” He also called on Hellmuth to tone down his ‘Poker Brat’ personality and “laugh at the hilarity of the table don’t berate it.”

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CouRage further added that he was particularly angry with the way that Hellmuth seemingly ‘berated’ renowned chess player and streamer Botez, as well as the table’s dealer.

YouTuber CouRage put the issue to bed as Ludwig’s stream continued on late into the night. Although, it’s likely his fellow streamers who attended the tournament will have their say on the drama soon.

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