MrBeast and Doublelift troll Tyler1 over classic height meme

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The classic meme that makes fun of Tyler1’s height made a hilarious return on Twitch after he streamed with MrBeast and Doublelift.

League of Legends has kicked off the preseason for Season 12, as Riot Games has introduced a ton of new items and mechanics to Summoner’s Rift.

To ring in the new season, Twitch and YouTube stars MrBeast, Doublelift and Tyler1 decided to queue up together in flex mode.

In between matches, the group analyzed the classic “Short Tyler1” meme, which lead to Tyler staging a massive defense of his height.

Tyler1 is one of the biggest League streamers on Twitch.

MrBeast and Doublelift roast Tyler1’s height

The trio played League together on November 17 when the infamous “Short Tyler1” meme came up.

Tyler said of the picture: “Bad camera angle. Bad lighting. They had her standing on a box. AND, photoshop.” MrBeast responded, “I’m starting to pick up on the joke. So you’re not six foot five.”

As Doublelift burst into laughter Tyler1 wasn’t happy, he shouted back: “I am six foot five you stupid b****. You hear me boy? I AM six foot five. I’ve been measured on stream several times.”

As Tyler exited the room, MrBeast said to Doublelift: “I’ve just never seen someone six foot five have to prove they’re six foot five.”

Double replied: “Yeah, usually people who are six foot five aren’t constantly bringing it up. I gotta say, last time I saw Tyler IRL, I casted a shadow over him. It was humiliating.”

tyler1Tyler1 looking up at Mel at TwitchCon.

The iconic meme of Tyler1 being towered over comes from TwitchCon 2018, when Tyler was on stage with Riot employee Mel Capperino-Garcia, who said she was six feet tall with heels on.

Sadly for Tyler1, who reports being six foot five, the famous meme proves his claim otherwise.

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