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MrBeast’s former editor accuses him of faking donation amounts

Published: 10/Oct/2019 13:07 Updated: 10/Oct/2019 15:06

by Daniel Cleary


Matt ‘Turnur’ Turner, former editor of YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, has released a video with more allegations about his time working for the popular content creator.

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MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform, and is known for some of his charitable videos which include giving large amounts of money away to random people, including streamers.

However, it came as a shock when his now-former editor initially accused MrBeast of bullying him in a series of tweets on October 6.

MrBeast, YouTubeMrBeast is known on YouTube for his charitable acts.
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The pair have since gone back and forth with MrBeast responding to some of his former employee’s allegations, detailing he gave his editor severance of $10,000 and found him a new job according to a reported phone call with KEEMSTAR.


Turner uploaded a new 24-minute video on October 9, detailing his full experience working for MrBeast and claiming he was taking a stance for “mistreated” editors in the community as well as mental health.

The editor also claimed that MrBeast had been rounding up some of his donation totals for clickbait, highlighting one incident where the YouTube star supposedly forced Turner to re-edit a compilation video multiple times in a row to fabricate the amount he had actually donated in his videos.

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“Instead of the $500,000 he wants it to hit its maybe $410,000, I’m like Jimmy clickbait is a thing you need to take into consideration” he explained, before claiming the YouTuber refused to budge, “Even if you delete the project file and make me restart, make me cut up all these clips, I can’t make this equal $500,000.”


He further explained that this incident apparently led to MrBeast calling him “retarded” and forcing him to continue editing the video, “40 hours on the same video, me getting screamed at telling me I better get back in this room with no windows and after so long of editing I was like, I’m literally going to start crying.”

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Turner also claimed that he was constantly being reminded that he was easily replaceable, expressing how difficult he found the work environment to be while receiving little to no credit for the work that he did.

Despite criticizing the work environment and pressure he was put under, he later admitted that he was not trying to take anything away from MrBeast and that he simply needed to get it off his chest, aware that he was likely to receive a lot of hate in return.


As of yet, MrBeast has not yet responded to the recent allegations made by his former editor but we will be sure to keep you updated when more information becomes available. Dexerto have reached out to the YouTuber for comment.