MrBeast responds to accusations of allegedly bullying former editor

MrBeast, Turner - YouTube

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is one of YouTube’s top content creators, known for giving out generous amounts of cash and orchestrating insane challenges for his friends – but his former editor is painting a stain on his once pristine image.

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Editor Matt “Turnur” Turner posted a series of Tweets in early October accusing MrBeast of bullying, claiming that the YouTube star thrashed him for simple mistakes and refused to give credit for his work.

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“…After every editing mistake I made, I was made to feel like an absolute idiot, even if the content wasn’t real,” Turner claimed. “No credit was given (unless a video I edited got credited to someone else).”

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MrBeast responds

Turner’s Tweets sparked outrage across the net, with fans and critics alike hoping for an explanation for the allegations – and now, MrBeast himself has finally spoken out on the matter.

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According to a reported phone call with Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, MrBeast claimed that he’d given Turner a whopping $10,000 as severance – as well as another job at SoaR Gaming, as told in an October 9 video.

(Timestamp: 8:42 for mobile viewers)

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That’s not all: a previous video of Turner’s from last year is turning heads across the net, with the editor claiming that working with MrBeast was “a blast each and every day.”

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Turner likewise admitted that MrBeast let him go due to his “higher aspirations,” claiming that the YouTuber had wanted an editor “for the long term” – even revealing that MrBeast had paid for the apartment he’d been living in at the time.

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“…They admired my work ethic, everything was good about what I did, and I really didn’t do anything wrong,” he explained. “…MrBeast paid for my rent every month when I lived in North Carolina.”

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At the time of writing, Turnur’s main Twitter account has apparently been hacked, with the editor using a backup account in wake of his allegations, writing, “I’m literally an innocent dude tryna live life and wanted to have an open conversation about an experience I had about my old job.”

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MrBeast has yet to speak further on the incident as of publishing this article.

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