MrBeast’s former editor accuses YouTube star of bullying

YouTube: MrBeast

A video editor who was previously employed by YouTube star Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has made a series of allegations against the American content creator, claiming that he was “bullied” during his time working for him.

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Mr Beast is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, with 24 million subscribers, and millions of views on each of his videos in which he performs crazy challenges and hands out thousands of dollars to other content creators and members of the general public.

An editor who formerly worked with the 21-year-old has now made allegations against Mr Beast, claiming that he was bullied and told he was replaceable. He also says he suffered from mental breakdowns and makes several more allegations regarding his time working for the YouTuber.

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YouTube: MrBeastMrBeast’s outrageous challenges have earned him a cult following on YouTube.
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Matt ‘Turnur’ Turner originally announced that he had parted company with Mr Beast back in August 2018 citing a “mutual split” between the pair, but in a series of tweets on October 6, 2019, the editor made a number of accusations against his former employer.

“That was the most mentally draining time of my life,” wrote Turner on Twitter. “I was yelled at, bullied, called mentally retarded and replaceable by Mr Beast every day. Being in tears and having mental breakdowns day after day is difficult, and after a while became too much.

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“After every editing mistake I made, I was made to feel like an absolute idiot, even if the content wasn’t real. No credit was given unless a video I edited got credited to someone else.”

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He continued: “Editors were told that if we ever (left) the team, we shouldn’t be set up for success after, so no credit will be given. Ideas would be taken, people would be baited into the team, and I would be screamed at then told ‘I just misinterpreted what I heard’ by his impossible-to-please ‘momager.

“We would be forced to re-sign (Non-Disclosure Agreements), and then told these were our ‘glory days’. That’s a summary of almost every day on the team. That’s what it was like to work for Mr Beast, and that is why I don’t work there now.”

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Turner states that he intends to make a video with “proof and receipts” detailing his accusations, with the video unlikely to appear before October 12, explaining that it will probably be uploaded “next weekend.”

At the time of writing, neither Mr Beast or any members of his team have commented on the currently unsubstantiated accusations. Dexerto have reached out to the YouTuber for comment.