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Mr Beast reveals how he more than doubled YouTube subscribers in 2019

Published: 4/Jan/2020 17:44

by Connor Bennett


YouTube challenge extraordinaire Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has summed up his insane year of 2019 on the platform, revealing how he managed to double his subscriber count.

When it comes to challenges and incredibly viral videos on YouTube, there’s perhaps nobody who had a bigger year than Mr Beast. The generous content creator kicked the year off by giving away a few thousand dollars in each video before building it up to an incredible end.

On the eve of Christmas 2019, Donaldson capped off his year by giving away $1 million dollars in a who can keep a hand on the money challenge. That climax of the year cemented him as one of the biggest YouTuber’s around, but his stats for the year really paint an incredible picture. 

MrBeast - YouTubeMrBeast has a taken on a Santa Claus-esque persona all year round.

With his first upload of 2020, ‘2019 Was The Craziest Year Ever’, Mr Beast showed how he managed to more than double his sub count – amassing over 15,000,000 new subs in the last year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the YouTuber managed to do it by coming up with innovative and increasingly ridiculous challenges that viewers clearly wanted to watch.

Thanks to SocialBlade, a website that tracks social media stats, you can really see where his growth came. The YouTuber started January 2019 with nearly 13.5 million subscribers, but by the time the middle of the year came around, he had already surpassed 22 million – gaining an additional seven million towards the end.

However, the YouTuber has already promised to kick it up a notch in the new year. “If you thought 2019 was crazy, I can’t wait for you to see what we have in 2020,” he said, closing out his recap.

Just what Mr Beast and his cast of friends have up their sleeves for 2020, though, remains to be seen – but he will have to go some way to beat his 2019.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to pull off a successful version of his ‘last to leave the rollercoaster’ challenge by throwing his friends onto something a little more high speed than last time.


Magnus Carlsen forfeits after terrible blunder in $1.5m Chess tournament

Published: 23/Nov/2020 11:39

by Georgina Smith


Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen forfeited his game against Ian Nepomniachtchi after he accidentally mis-clicked, explaining that in that scenario forfeiting the game was the fairest thing to do for his opponent.

At the age of 22 in 2013, Magnus Carlsen became the world’s second youngest world championship winner. He has since gone on to win various titles, and has certainly become a formidable opponent in the chess world.

Along with his insane abilities, he has also provided some bizarre tournament moments for viewers on Twitch, in clips that have gone hugely viral.

Magnus Carlsen sits by a chess board
Instagram: magnus_carlsen
Magnus has been referred to as a chess prodigy.

Back in September, Magnus was late to a match with opponent Hikaru Nakamura, and when he finally showed up on screen he was hurriedly putting on his shirt, much to the frustration of his opponent and the hilarity of the internet, who loved the awkward entrance.

This time round however, Magnus’s error wasn’t so funny, but more frustrating for him and his supporters, after the pitfalls of technology began to rear their ugly head.

The commentators looked on in shock as Magnus dropped his Queen in the wrong place, mouths agape as they said “wait, did Magnus just mouse slip?”

As they spent a few seconds speculating on how his opponent would respond, Magnus quickly cleared up the uncertainty by almost immediately forfeiting the game.

When explaining his decision later on, Magnus explained “after I dropped the queen, maybe because he was in shock of what happened. I decided that one thing I don’t want to happen is him to think “should I offer a draw since it slipped and it went in position,” and so on. So I just resigned so he wouldn’t have to make any of those decisions.”

The blunder certainly left fans and announcers alike bewildered, but none more so than Magnus as the avoidable mistake might not have happened if it weren’t for technology.

Though, his decision to forfeit the game meant he saved him and his opponent from some tricky decisions.