MOONMOON trolled by Twitch chat in funniest way

MOONMOON is one of Twitch‘s most popular and beloved streamers, but even he can fall victim to trolls – as seen during a playthrough of Super Mario Maker 2.

When people think of Nintendo games, they’d usually think of child-friendly titles like Mario and they’d be correct with that assessment, but that doesn’t mean the fans can’t be toxic at times.

Twitch chat is well-known for its ability to troll people, and we saw it happen to MOONMOON with Super Mario Maker of all things. The trolls don’t just go into hiding just because you’re playing a kids game.

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Super Mario Maker 2 is out now.

Trolls can be crafty

One of the main selling points of Mario Maker is the ability to play user-created levels, and as MOON was typing in a code for one, he quickly discovered he was being trolled.

It started off harmless with him typing in “15U” but quickly ended up with “15U CKD 1CK” or “I suck d*ck.” It’s certainly one of the older tricks on Twitch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

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Once Moon realized his error, he laughed it off and moved on – not like there was any other choice for him. For what it’s worth, fans can create some amazing Mario Maker levels when they do give a real map code.

Super Mario Maker 2, releasing June 28 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, is still very new so it might take a little bit before some of the exceptional levels show their face, but rest assured – they are coming.

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If he does stick around with this game in the future, he’ll definitely need to be more aware of what the trolls out there are capable of.

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