Moistcr1tikal exposes major difference between Twitch and YouTube streamer contracts

Moistcr1tikal discussing YouTube and TwitchYouTube / Twitch / Moistrcr1tikal

With more top Twitch streamers defecting to YouTube this year than ever before, Moistcr1tikal has gone on record to expose a staggering difference between exclusive contracts on either side.

The ‘streamer wars’ continue to rage on in the tail end of 2021 as more hugely popular names settle on a platform to call home. While some like NICKMERCS remain loyal to the purple brand in Twitch, many others such as CouRageJD have strengthened their partnership with YouTube instead.

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Ludwig was the latest personality to join the list of shifting stars. Despite making history on the platform with the longest-running subathon at the time, the social media celeb is now streaming exclusively on YouTube.

In light of the industry-shaking news, streamer Moistcr1tikal went live to discuss Ludwig’s departure and expose a key reason why the trend is set to continue.

Highlighting a recent return to Twitch, Moistcr1tikal referred to a specific comment from DisguisedToast.

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While “Toast exaggerated a little bit” in claiming other platforms offer “30x more” than Twitch, this estimate wasn’t too far off, according to cr1tikal.

“Twitch contracts, on average, are a 10th of what most other contracts will offer,” he revealed. “So when you see a lot of people switching platforms, a lot of the time it’ll be due to the money.”

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Ludwig himself confirmed that notion in his explanation video. “Straight up, [YouTube] offered me more money.”

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It’s these lower offers compared to those from other platforms that are driving top streamers away from Twitch, according to Moistcr1tikal. “Twitch believes they’re a monopoly, so losing Ludwig’s not a big deal. Twitch needs to understand that most people want to stay on Twitch,” he explained.

“I love Twitch, Ludwig loved Twitch. But when you’re not willing to fight for them or make it competitive, it’s really hard to want to stay on that team. Ludwig is the sixth-highest earner on Twitch and they weren’t ready to fight for him.”

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Other internet celebs like Valkyrae have also chimed in with a similar sentiment, claiming that YouTube is the “only real option [because] they care”. While Ludwig was the latest to part ways with Twitch, the floodgates are still wide open for more to follow, cr1tikal warned.

“A lot of streamers have been talking to each other about switching platforms,” he said. “A couple have made that decision. I think a lot of you are gonna be shocked at the next couple leaving.

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