Mizkif slams Twitch staff for DMCA issues after mocking his content

Mizkif yells at Twitch staff for DMCA issuesTwitch/Mizkif

Popular streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo went ballistic on a member of Twitch staff after his content was mocked while opening up Pokemon cards.

While opening up packs during a November 29 broadcast, a member of Mizkif’s chat named AidenWallis emerged and started joking about the odds of getting a rare card.

Amusingly, Wallis happens to be a broadcast solutions engineer at Twitch and as such has an icon next to his name that indicates he works at the Amazon-owned platform.

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“We have a higher chance of getting content than you do of getting something rare,” Mizkif read the comment out loud. “This is from Twitch staff!”

Twitch staff mock MizkifTwitch
A Twitch staff member poked fun at Mizkif’s content.

Not pleased with how the staff member had mocked his content, the popular entertainer proceeded to put the website on blast, primarily focusing on the DMCA issues that have plagued the platform.

“How about you f**king fix your website instead of telling me to get content,” he swore. “Maybe when I can actually play good music I’ll actually be able to do some fun stuff. Or go IRL stream and actually be able to walk across a store.”

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The latter remark was likely a reference to how fellow streamer Nmplol had to cancel an IRL grocery shopping broadcast because there was music playing over the speakers.

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Some streamers, such as JakeNBake have been hit with DMCA strikes for IRL streams where licensed music has been played in the background.

“Aiden Wallis is coming here to tell me to get content. How about you fix your f**king website, dude,” he slammed, ending his epic rant.

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Unfortunately, as it turns out, while Aiden works for Twitch, he doesn’t actually work on the site itself, leaving Mizkif a bit embarrassed when he found out.

“Oh f**k,” he sighed. “Then I just sh*t on Twitch for no reason.”

Even though the employee may not work on the site, it’s clear that a lot of streamers have some bottled anger towards the website for all of its recent issues.

Hopefully, in the future, Twitch can get its DMCA situation under control and streamers can no longer be afraid of going outside for their content.

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