Mizkif makes Twitch viewer’s Christmas with insane $10,000 worth of gifts

mizkif-switch-twitch-youtubeTwitch: Mizkif

It’s the season of giving and Twitch streamer Mizkif is spreading generous festive cheer to his viewers, gifting one lucky viewer $10,000 worth of presents, including a PC valued at over $5,000. 

Mizkif has acquired numerous streaming accolades over the years, affording him a comfortable fortune to sit on and a massive audience who regularly tune it to see his streams, whether gaming or just chatting.

As Christmas Day draws closer, Mizkif has been celebrating the festive period by sharing his wealth with his loyal fanbase. However, one viewer received an incredibly generous gift from the 26-year-old.

Mizkif’s rise to fame is nothing short of impressive.

Mizkif helps viewer with $10,000 gift

During Mizkif’s December 18 stream, titled “Buying Twitch Chat Presents With Amazon Wishlist”, the streamer was making his viewer’s dreams come true. Viewer Moxn01 reached out to Mizkif, detailing his situation with subpar equipment while studying at university.

Based in Morocco, the student requested a low-end spec PC setup to accommodate his studies. Mizkif decided to ensure his viewer’s studies would be hassle-free, by gifting him a far superior setup valued at upwards of $5,000.

“Am I even awake, wtf is this real?” the student said in disbelief.

But the generosity didn’t stop there, as Mizkif offered to donate $5,000 towards his tuition fees. “If you promise me, dude, you’ll stay in school…I’ll give you $5,000 to your college,” the streamer said as he finalized a powerful PC setup for the student.

“Wtf dude,” the viewer said back, stunned by Miz’s help. “You’re not a good guy, you’re a great guy,” Moxn01 added as Miz also decided to add a laptop into the gift bundle. Miz reiterated the importance of his cash donation: “Mox stay in school though, I swear to f**king god. I believe in you.”

“School is free? What! You ripped me off?” Miz joked as he found out Moxn01 wouldn’t need help with tuition. “Just use the money for whatever,” he added.

When Mizkif hits 10 million subs on YouTube, he said he will buy a viewer a house. It joins his festive benevolence to reiterate that he is one of the nicest guys on Twitch.