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Mixer announces subscription price change to compete with Twitch

Published: 30/Oct/2019 21:51 Updated: 30/Oct/2019 22:03

by Scott Robertson


Mixer announced on October 30th that they are lowering their subscription price from $5.99 to $4.99, in what can be viewed as a sign of direct competition with Twitch.

For too long the public has slept on Mixer. But now the Microsoft-run streaming platform has come back from summer break and made some big changes, including some new very popular friends and now a new price tag for subs.

On October 30th, Mixer announced they were reducing the price for subscriptions from $5.99 to $4.99. This drop now means that the price of subscriptions on Mixer now matches the price of subscriptions on Twitch.

This is just another way in which Mixer has directly challenged Twitch for the streaming platform throne, after luring away Michael ‘shroud’ Grzemiek and Cory ‘KingGothalion’ Michael with exclusive streaming deals.

Currently, Mixer is also doing a promotion where new Mixer users can subscribe a month for free to KingGothalion to celebrate his move.

For shroud and KingGothalion, they follow in the footsteps of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, who was the first big streamer to leave Twitch for Mixer when he did so in August. Ninja spoke at length recently about why he believes Mixer is a better platform, and one that can help growing streamers as the platform itself continues to grow.

Ninja is doing more than just talking a big game about Mixer while on stream. He’s also been aiding the platform by attempting to tantalize other big Twitch streamers with pre-made Mixer links. He’s pulled this move twice already with AnneMunition and with TimTheTatman.

But Mixer isn’t relying on just Ninja to try and pull in big names. Fans are speculating that Mixer may have already gotten to Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney already, based on some recent cryptic tweets from him. It’s anyone’s guess who else could jump ship next.

But for Mixer, the price drop for subscriptions was a natural step in their progression. With thousands of more dedicated viewers assured with the acquisitions of shroud and KingGothalion, they can afford to drop the price. 

And the dropped price may reel in the viewers who didn’t want to pay a dollar more for a subscription they used to have when either streamer was still on Twitch.


Meet the TikToker going viral for saying “Charli D’Amelio” 100,000 times

Published: 1/Dec/2020 0:56 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 1:09

by Virginia Glaze


A TikToker has taken over the internet for saying the name of the platform’s most-followed content creator, Charli D’Amelio 100,000 times in a row — and he’s not the first one to lay claim to fame in this manner.

TikTok star Devin Caherly has caught the eye of social media users around the globe after taking on a jaw-dropping challenge, which he announced in a video on November 29.

Claiming that he would say the name of Charli D’Amelio — the site’s most popular creator with over 101 million followers — 100,00 times, his quest soon became a viral sensation, with his original announcement video garnering over 309,000 likes at the time of writing.

Caherly kept track of his project by using an online counter, which he would press each time he said D’Amelio’s name. However, he didn’t ask fans to just take his word for it; he even live-streamed the entire ordeal, but it didn’t turn out as planned.

@devincaherlyLeave a like and come join my stream @charlidamelio♬ original sound – Slowed sounds🥰

Unfortunately for Caherly, as soon as he hit the 999,991 mark, his counter suddenly reset, leaving him completely devastated (although we have to admit, his failure made for a pretty funny TikTok).

@devincaherlyI spent 18 hours straight saying @charlidamelio and right before I hit 100,000 this happens 🤦🏻‍♂️♬ original sound – Devin Caherly

This isn’t his first experiment of this nature, either; Caherly has also said Charli D’Amelio’s name for every ten likes he’s gotten, as well as every ten comments within a 24-hour period.

Caherly’s endeavors ring similar to those of massively popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson, who has also said the names of social media stars like ‘PewDiePie’ and Logan Paul 100,000 times in the past.

That’s not the only way in which Caherly is similar to Mr Beast; he’s also given out quite a bit of cash and gift cards for his 2.7 million fans — although we can’t say it’s the same as Mr Beast opening a free bank or tipping waitresses in legitimate gold bars.

Either way, it seems that Caherly has opened up quite a career for himself, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for this young creative.