Minecraft YouTuber Dream hits back over speedrun cheating accusations

Dream's logo next to four Minecraft charactersYouTube: Dream

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has spoken out after one of his speedruns was rejected on the grounds of alleged cheating, citing a video made by a head mod and YouTuber GeoSquare as the root of the allegations.

Dream became known as a Minecraft YouTuber originally, but over the past year, he’s also secured a whole new wave of fans from playing with popular creators like Mr Beast and Corpse Husband.

While he continues to diversify his new content, he sticks to his roots by continuing to hold speedrunning streams where he tries to complete Minecraft in the shortest amount of time possible, something he has had great success with.

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However, in a tweet posted on December 11 Dream revealed that his latest 1.16 speedrun record had been rejected after review. According to the YouTuber, the record had been considered “too unlikely to verify.”

Dream highlighted that a video had been uploaded to YouTube by a head mod and YouTuber Geosquare “clickbaiting Cheating Speedrunning in order to get views.” The star also called it “total BS.”

He also raised some doubt over the quality of the verdict, revealing that he “currently [has] multiple moderators messaging me that they believe that the verdict was biased, and that they might quit the mod team. What kind of “investigation” was this?”

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The video in question was uploaded by YouTuber Geosquare along with the mod team on December 11, entitled ‘Did Dream Fake His Speedruns – Official Moderator Analysis.’ In the video he used the official investigation results document from the Minecraft Speedrunning Team to supplement his theory that Dream could have cheated with his speedruns.

In the description of the video, Geosquare said that “I feel like this wasn’t communicated strongly enough but this video is NOT my content. Please please DO NOT interact with my channel after watching this, this is just a PSA from the mod team.”

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Geosquare also said that he’d disabled monetization on all his other videos as he “didn’t want to gain anything, because principally I find that abhorrent.”

With Dream’s original tweet about the speedrun rejection receiving over 130,000 likes on Twitter, it’s clear that many of his fans are invested in seeing a more thorough review of the accusations, but as of yet it is unclear how that will be conducted.

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