Shroud explains why he stopped playing PUBG, and why he may return

PUBG shroudPUBG Corporation / Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek used to play PUBG all the time and was always open about how much he loved the game. However, in his latest stream, he explained why he stopped, and what might make him return.

PUBG was the king of battle royale games once upon a time, but it has been steadily losing players ever since. Everyone has their reasons for moving on. Some had enough of the many different maps and queues. Others wanted to play something else.

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Shroud moved on too, but his reasons are a little different from others. He opened up about it in his latest stream and explained why. He also admitted that he still has fun on it from time to time and that one interesting feature might bring him back.

PUBG shroudPUBG Corporation
PUBG’s player base has been in a steady decline for several years now.

“PUBG was actually pretty fun yesterday,” he said. “That game is still so solid, but I think what it just lacks is depth.” It’s a view that the fanbase shares and the reason why they’ve hoped for additional features and changes throughout the years.

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Shroud explained it’s the reason why he stopped playing. “It’s just a simple game,” he said. “It’s just one-two thinking every time. Never really think outside the box in that game. Which is probably why I don’t play it more, honestly.”

“I think whenever the devs are done with PUBG, their last update should be a community update where they give people all the tools they need, and they just let the community go wild,” he said. “That’s what I would do.” He thinks it will help revive the game.

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“PUBG as a base game is great,” he added. “It runs good, it looks good, it feels good. Now, if you just give people the tools, it can be quite literally turned into any game. I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

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It sounds like wishful thinking, but if it actually happened, it would be a pretty big deal.

PUBG players would have more influence in the game’s direction and create all kinds of crazy maps and modes.

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Shroud will almost certainly hop back on in a heartbeat and maybe even play it more regularly. It might even help bring the game back from the dead.

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