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Millions watched Fortnite’s Cube event live on YouTube and Twitch

Published: 4/Nov/2018 23:55 Updated: 5/Nov/2018 0:15

by Vincent Genova


Fortnite’s second live event was a major success on YouTube and Twitch, even by the lofty standards previously set by the game.

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Known as the “Butterfly Event,” players got to witness major changes to the map live for the first time since the infamous Rocket Launch.

The purple Cube, which Fortnite players affectionately call Kevin, imploded and temporarily sent players into a mysterious white area where they saw cutscenes involving butterflies.

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Major streamers and content creators were on hand to broadcast the event and the numbers are staggering. Ninja had 350,000 concurrent viewers alone.


In total, 1.5 million people watched the Cube implode on Twitch. The numbers were even higher on YouTube, where 2.1 million people tuned in.

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Ryan Wyatt, the Global Head of Gaming at YouTube, tweeted his excitement at the amount of viewers who were watching on his platform.

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The Butterfly Event signifies the ending of the Kevin era in Fortnite but details are scarce on what will happen next.

Those who miss Kevin will have the opportunity to unlock a Back Bling in his honor, though it is a limited time offer.