Miley Cyrus’ ‘Best of Both Worlds’ is taking over TikTok with viral trend

Virginia Glaze
TikTok best of both worlds hannah montana trend goes viral

Miley Cyrus’ classic Hannah Montana song, ‘Best of Both Worlds,’ is taking over TikTok as users have discovered it’s a pretty relatable soundtrack for their life stories.

Hannah Montana might have been a bit before Gen Z’s time, but both Millenials and their younger counterparts are “rocking out the show” to the Disney series’ iconic theme song, ‘Best of Both Worlds.’

The track is taking TikTok by storm right now, spawning a new trend / meme on the app as netizens have found out that this particular soundtrack is actually pretty fitting for their own circumstances in life.

For example, some TikTok users are opening up about some of the traits they inherited from both of their parents, getting the “best of both worlds” between their mom and dad’s unique issues.

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Still others are using the sound to describe life with their pets, like this one user who is never sure if his beloved feline friend is going to snuggle or bite him… or both. (We’ve all been there.)

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And then there’s this father who’s dealing with “attitude” from both his spouse and their teenage daughter, turning to a Wawas milkshake to dull the pain of parenting.

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The original sound has garnered over 16.3k uses, and the hashtag #bestofbothworlds has racked up over 97.2 million views, although not every video in that particular category is taking part in the trend.

The fad is also often used with the hashtags #childhoodtrauma and #siblings as users open up about their family struggles in a humorous way with the song adding a funny backing track.

This is just the latest fad to spawn on TikTok after the #kingforaday trend caused Pierce the Veil’s song of the same name to shoot to the top of Billboard Hard Rock Streaming Charts, a bit of a different vibe from Hannah Montana’s 2000’s pop hit.