Mike Tyson reveals chaos caused by NELK Boys leaking his phone number

mike tyson and kyle forgeard from full send podcastYouTube: Full Send Podcast/Mike Tyson/Kyle Forgeard

Mike Tyson has finally responded to NELK Boys’ Kyle Forgeard leaking his phone number on stream, with the former boxing champion claiming it caused chaos at the time. 

Kyle realized he had made a huge mistake on December 6, 2020. During a scheduled gambling stream on Twitch, they invited the heavyweight boxer to join them.

Tyson was unable to join them in person so the YouTuber called him on FaceTime, not realizing until it was too late that the boxer’s personal phone number was displayed on stream.

During the October 13 upload of the ‘Full Send Podcast,’ the topic came up as soon as they walked into the room.

Kyle explained to everyone what happened, but Mike had his own plot twist to explain.

Mike Tyson Wikimedia imageTyson is still one of the biggest stars in boxing after his official retirement in 2005.

Mike Tyson’s leaked phone number

After Forgeard explained his side of the story, Tyson explained that he had to give his phone away to his assistant. Foregard asked him: “Do they still call you?” before turning back to the NELK member to jokingly say: “You’re an a**hole, you f**ked up.”

However, it appears that the boxer did not change the phone number attached to the device, as he asked the assistant: “How many have you gotten in one day?”

Proving that leaking a celebrities phone number is no joke, the assistant responded that he has received a massive 8,000 calls and texts combined in a single day. Assuming each call rings for about 45 seconds, that’s at least a solid day of phone calls and messages to his phone.

(Timestamp at 00:36 for mobile users below)

“That’s f**ked up, I just wasn’t thinking, Mike,” Forgeard explained right before the crew switched the conversation over to Tyson’s current business adventures.

After accidentally leaking Tyson’s phone number, it’s safe to say Kyle is going to be more cautious next time he’s calling someone in front of thousands of people.