Markiplier blasts “extremely underwhelming” Emmys after being snubbed for award

Markiplier blasts the emmys after series snubbed for awardYouTube: Markiplier

YouTube star Markiplier took issue with his treatment at the 2022 Emmy Awards after his interactive online series, ‘In Space With Markiplier,’ didn’t take home the win for Outstanding Interactive Media.

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach went viral earlier this year after releasing his second interactive internet show, ‘In Space With Markiplier,’ on YouTube.

In a similar vein to his previous series, ‘A Heist With Markiplier,’ viewers are free to make their own decisions as the project’s main character and are aided by a host of other characters portrayed by popular YouTubers — resulting in a slew of alternate endings.

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‘In Space With Markiplier’ had an increased budget and production value compared to its earlier counterpart. In the newer series, viewers are trapped in a space-time loop alongside their bumbling captain, Markiplier, as they attempt to fix the laws of the universe.

In November, the show was nominated for the Outstanding Interactive Media award at the first-ever Children and Family Emmys, exciting fans across the internet.

However, Mark’s series was ultimately passed over in favor of Madrid Noir, an animated project for Oculus TV.

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Markiplier pans Emmy Awards after interactive series snubbed

Markiplier spoke out on the Children and Family Emmys during a live stream on December 11, where he called the award show “extremely underwhelming” and panned publications for failing to recognize him in spite of his nomination.

“I was honored to go there, but as far as events that I’ve gone to, this was one of the more underwhelming events,” he admitted. “…it was extremely underwhelming.”

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“It’s really boring, and it’s really awkward, and it’s really weird,” he said of his experience at the Emmys’ red carpet event (which actually had a purple carpet this time), which he claimed he had “no desire” to participate in.

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“I was nominated for an award there, and all of the publications there still didn’t give a sh*t who I was,” he continued. “And this is fine. It’s not a moment where I’m like, ‘Do you know who I am?’ What amazes me is that, if any of them were to interview me, and put those videos on YouTube, they would do exceptionally well for their channels.”

“It amazes me, because they didn’t just not know who I was — they actively didn’t wanna talk to me. It’s this world where the YouTubers and the traditional entertainment business are not in sync with each other. They are adamantly opposed.”

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Ultimately, Mark claimed that he wasn’t “mad” about his treatment at the Emmys, claiming that he and other content creators “don’t need” support from traditional media — especially considering the sheer amount of viewers they are able to pull in on social platforms, alone.

Despite his Emmys snub, Markiplier is still swimming in success after fans literally crashed his long-awaited OnlyFans page that launched over the weekend.

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