Markiplier announces he’s going to be in new Post-Apocalyptic TV show


Popular YouTuber Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach has announced that he’ll be taking a break from videos to star in and produce a new Post-Apocalyptic TV show called ‘The Edge of Sleep.’

Markiplier has been a big-name YouTuber for years with over 28 million subscribers, and now he’s announced his latest venture: a brand-new TV show.

The new series, called ‘The Edge of Sleep,’ is based on a story from his podcast of the same name. It starts filming next week, and is set to premiere sometime in May, according to Mark.

The Edge of Sleep is an original story by Markiplier originally produced for his QCODE podcast.

The story follows a night watchman (played by Markiplier) who discovers everyone in the world that went to sleep the previous night while he was on shift have mysteriously died.

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He and a small group of survivors are forced to stay awake while they try to figure out the reason why this has all happened until they too, eventually fall asleep.

Actors Analeigh Tipton and Eve Harlow will also co-star alongside Fischbach, who is working as the executive producer for the show, as well.

After the series was officially announced, Fischbach uploaded a video explaining why viewers would be seeing a lot of new content on his channel in the weeks leading up to filming.

“I’m going to Canada to film ‘The Edge of Sleep,’ we’re turning it into a TV show, that’s pretty cool!” the YouTuber said, adding that he had to spend 2 weeks upon entering the country in quarantine.

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“I will be in a hotel, doing absolutely nothing for two weeks, which means you guys get to see my descent into madness while I wait in a hotel,” he said, while promising plenty of videos in that time.

There’s no word yet on exactly where you’ll be able to watch ‘The Edge of Sleep’ when it comes out in May. Whether it’s going to be on network TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or something else remains to be seen, but we’ll update you with the latest info once we know.