Markiplier shares “unbelievable” story of how he broke his foot

Virginia Glaze
Markiplier explains how he broke his foot
YouTube: Markiplier

YouTube star Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach took to Twitter on February 21 to share that he “might have” broken his foot — and later confirmed the news in a hilarious story that sparked a huge outpouring of fan support.

When it comes to pain and injuries, Markiplier is no newbie; the internet sensation has “cracked open” his skull playing on the stairs as a kid, broken his forearm in two places, suffered from severe appendicitis, and even had a “fist-sized” tumor removed from his adrenal gland around that same time (need we mention the epidural he received for the pain?).

In fact, thanks to all his experiences, Mark created an entire video detailing his own views on pain, which is significantly skewed from the average person’s perception of less-than-savory physical sensations.

Thus, when he broke the news that he’d broken his foot on February 21, his reaction to the issue was less than dramatic. In a humorous series of Tweets, Mark merely wrote: “Might’ve broken my foot,” followed up by, “Yeah it’s broke.”

Knowing that his fanbase would be worried, the YouTuber went live shortly after leaving the hospital, claiming that he’d suffered a Jones Fracture.

Jones Fractures are one of the more common foot injuries out there, affecting the bone on the outer side of the foot. Despite his high pain tolerance, though, Markiplier was very vocal about how much discomfort he was in.

After a good 10 minutes of joking with his audience, Mark finally spilled the beans as to how he’d broken his foot: the YouTuber claimed that he was on a walk with his dog, Chica, when he’d accidentally caught his foot in a storm drain and rolled his ankle, subsequently breaking the outer bone.

“You never know when danger is lurking around at every corner!” he laughed. “Those storm drains… they sneak up on you!”

This is far from the first time Mark has had to receive serious medical care during his YouTube career; the influencer was sent to the ER due to an intestinal blockage in December 2020, and had also been hospitalized for another painful issue five years prior.

Thankfully, it seems that the internet’s favorite gamer has received ample “boo boo kisses” from his fans to last him a lifetime and is recovering as best he can.