Man’s parachute rips as he falls towards cliff in near-death experience

Molly Byrne
Johnni DiJulius' parachute rips in mid-air.

Experienced cliff jumper, Johnni DiJulius, nearly fell to his death after his parachute ripped in mid-air.

It was like any Arizona day, as the sunshine was hitting every angle of the earth’s magnificent cliffs and beautiful terrain. And what better way to experience that beautiful geography than to see it while soaring from miles above the ground?

When Johnni DiJulius, an experienced cliff jumper, nearly fell to his death after his parachute ripped in mid-air, these cliffs soon turned into more than just a beautiful abstraction as he was forced to grip onto one of these precipices with his bare hands.

His incredible story first went viral in 2022 right after it occurred, but has since picked up momentum on the internet thanks to his shocking survival.

While hanging from the cliff’s side, DiJulius was able to make a call, letting one of his friends know what had happened and what could potentially occur as he leaned in to free himself from his equipment.

Man hanging from a cliff phoning a friend after nearly falling to his death in a cliff jumping accident.
Man hanging from a cliff while phoning a friend after nearly falling to his death in a cliff-jumping accident.

DiJulius hung 50 feet above the ground after crashing at 50 MPH

DiJulius, who is a stunt man and wrestling coach, was able to use his upper body strength to lift himself up on the cliff that he initially was hanging from. He then was able to call a friend and let him know that he was, as cliff jumpers call it, ”Hung up.”

In an interview with ABC News, DiJulius explained his experience falling 50 MPH above 50 feet of ground, saying, “I ungeared. I was kind of just Spider-Man’d to this wall, right? For like an hour.”

Thinking he could climb down, DiJulius said to the friend he phoned, “I can climb down, but I need to ungear. It’s gonna be sketchy.”

However, meticulously climbing down was not an option, as he instead fell backward right on his backside. He explained his fall to ABC News as an “oh crap” jump, saying, “I just freaking huck it, land on my back on this bush. I couldn’t really turn around.”

Those who have seen DiJulius’s survival story have taken to Twitter to comment on his “NO TMRW” helmet, saying, “Dude is manifesting this “no tmrw” mantra. Even his damn screensaver is it.” And, “He deada*s almost didn’t see a tomorrow.”

Though it was a significantly close call, DiJulius miraculously did not sustain any injuries. He’s previously jumped off skyscrapers, wing-walked on planes, and also had experience with cliff jumping before his 2022 accident that has now, once again, gone viral for its alarming content.

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