Man wows crowd with Liu Kang jump-kick to break up fight

Molly Byrne

Man channels his inner Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat and jump-kicks a female to help save a woman from further injuries.

As influencer fighting continues to trend, celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg have proposed a UFC match against Elon Musk.

Not only are Zuckerberg and Musk pitted to face-off, influencers like Sam Hyde asked Adin Ross if he should battle against Dr Disrespect for $1 million in the first influencer Muay Thai match to ever occur.

Although influencers are training themselves before their proposed matches, helping them to prepare properly, could their viral fighting have a negative impact on viewers?

Man hailed a “good guy” for jump-kicking female in the stomach 

During midday, a fight between three females broke out in the middle of the street. Although a security guard tried to break up the brawl, he was unable to do so. Then, out of nowhere, a man appeared on video jump-kicking one of the females involved in the stomach. 

Despite the fact that this was a male assaulting a female in a physical altercation, jump-kicker is being hailed as a “good guy” by commenters on Twitter because his actions allowed the fight to be broken up.

“Chivalry used to look different,” one Twitter user said in sarcastic response to the video.

Another chimed in, “[t]hat is a G right there. Came in like a superhero but made sure not to absolutely slaughter that girl lmao.”

Others responded condemning the violence as “barbaric” and suggesting that he should have restrained himself in breaking up the fight.

But several commenters noted the similarity of the man’s jump kick to Liu Kang’s signature flying kick, posting Mortal Kombat gifs in the replies and asking, “[w]here did that Liu Kang kick come from?”

This similarity between Liu Kang and the man in the video continued to have commenters comparing the jump-kick to other fighting characters from gaming, anime, television and movies, including Tekken, Superman, Naruto, and WWE.

A God of fire, Liu Kang is a master of martial arts and harnessing his fire energy in Mortal Kombat. While this mystery combatant may not have those fire powers, he definitely can challenge Liu Kang’s martial arts skill.

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