Man pulls gun on streamer pouring fake gasoline on cars for prank

prank streamer has gun pulled on himTwitter/CatchUpFeed

A streamer’s decision to pour fake gasoline on cars for content could have cost him his life when the prank backfired.

It seems as more and more content creators try to go viral, the absurdity of their videos increases, and some have been engaging in extremely dangerous acts.

Just recently we’ve seen TikTokers spark backlash by walking into random people’s houses in the middle of the day – and now, a live streamer nearly got himself shot by pouring fake gasoline on vehicles.

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In a video going viral on Reddit and Twitter, a streamer was walking through a parking lot with a gas can filled with water pouring the “gasoline” on vehicles when a man armed with a gun confronted him.

Streamer gets gun pulled on for threatening to burn vehicles

As the video begins, the streamer tells someone in a parked vehicle that they were “burning their car down,” prompting the owner to get out and confront the content creator.

“F**k your car, man. It’s over,” the streamer said.

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Although the streamer eventually let the man know it was just a prank, when he tried doing the same thing to an elderly man, he got a very different response.

This time, the victim of the prank pulled a gun out of his car, leading the streamer to confess that the “gas” was just water immediately – but the man wasn’t having any of it.

“It better be water, partner. Or you’re one dead son of a b*tch,” he warned. “You stay out of this. I don’t want to do that. You almost died, you stupid son of a b*tch.”

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man pulls gun out on streamerTwitter/CatchUpFeed
The elderly man threatened the streamer with a gun.

Despite bringing a can of water to what could have turned into a gunfight, the streamer had the nerve to strike back, calling the elderly man a “p*ssy.”

Unfortunately, that’s where the video ends, so it’s not clear what happened after this, nor is it known when the clip was originally posted before being reuploaded to Reddit and the CatchUp Twitter account.

This isn’t the first time a prankster had a gun pulled on them. Things ended a lot worse for YouTuber Tanner Cook who was actually shot by a man when a prank in a mall food court turned into a fight.

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